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MasterClass Brazilian Jiu-jitsu - Ultimate Choking Techniques

This definitive book features all the intricacies and details of the choking techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Authored by one of the most reputable masters of the art in the United States, Renato Magno, this work is the final book on the subject.

Choking techniques are the heart of a good BJJ and no practitioner progresses far in the art without an understanding and detailed knowledge of how to apply them properly in a combat situation.

In this innovative study, Renato Magno instructs on the application of a diverse repertoire of choking techniques; he also explains the best countering methods of defense.

This book is a fascinating contribution to the Masterclass Brazilian Jiu Jitsu series and will be an

invaluable addition to the library of any serious practitioner.

Grappling Masters

When Royce Gracie won the UFC, he started a worldwide martial arts phenomenon the likes of which had not been seen at that time. Cutting across the broad spectrum of grappling's most influential and profound teachers, this book gives insights into the physical, mental, and spiritual methods that have enabled these chosen few to reach the pinnacles of the grappling arts. Legendary personalities such as Judo icons Gene LeBell and Wally Jay, MMA fighters Frank Shamrock, Marco Ruas, as well as BJJ champions such as Jean Jacques Machado, Renato Magno and Rickson Gracie, share thoughts and experiences in rare interviews that define the essence of their martial arts mastery. From physical training to mental awareness, from spiritual enlightenment to historical perspectives, the concepts and theories contained within will help any person gain a deeper understanding of the grappling arts.

Chapters include:

Bas Rutten

Carlos "Caique" Elias

Carlos Gracie Jr

Erik Paulson

Frank Shamrock

Gene LeBell

Gerson Sanginitto

Gokor Chivichyan

Helio Gracie

Jean Jacques Machado

Marco Ruas


Special Skills

5th degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

US National Champion

Pan American Champion

Special Force training

Navy Seals






Extreme Sports

Name: Renato Magno

Age: 45

Height: 6’

Weight: 185

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Birthday: June 21st

Favorite Soccer Team: Flamengo

Favorite Writer: Jorge Amado

Favorite Food: BBQ

Favorite Quote: Never give up

Mark Kerr

Matt Furey

Oleg Taktarov

Relson Gracie

Renato Magno

Rickson Gracie

Rigan Machado

Rorion Gracie

Royler Gracie

Wallid Ismael

Wally Jay

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